Monday, 27 October 2014

Trigger Point formation and causes: An Academic Paper

A published paper on Here is abstract and link for the full paper is below.

While the nociceptive influence of Trigger points (TrPs) is well know not much thought has yet has been given on the detailed causes of why Trigger points form. It is well known that the underlying cause of TrP formation is the overworking of muscles. It is concluded on the basis of the Sliding Filament Theory than TrP form because of the Actin-Myosin bond not uncoupling due to shortage of ATP in the muscle cell. On that basis this paper presents four possible scenarios from the perspective of ATP demand and supply on how TrPs form:

1.    Overworking of muscles
2.    Prolonged mild contraction
3.    Constriction of blood supply
4.    Whiplash

The paper also offers a graphical representation of each of the scenarios.

Read the full paper on Trigger point here

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